Replica Breguet Tradition Watches

AAA Tradition series are Replica Watches Breguet produced by large factories using top-quality materials. The appearance and function are comparable to the original ones, and you can hardly judge their true and false. The key is that the price is very cheap, you only need to spend a small amount of money, you can buy and own a very perfect Tradition watch.

The Breguet Passed Down Series 7027 watch adopts a rose gold case and a built-in smoky gray movement to highlight the bridge and the stem, especially the escapement equipped with a steel “pare-chute” shock absorber. This famous old-fashioned shock absorber is also chamfered. The movement is treated with a smoky gray surface. This optimized electroplating process uses precious metal in the platinum category, and its color is darker than the ruthenium that watchmakers have always loved. And the visual contrast between the smoky gray movement and the rose gold case adds a fresh and modern feel to Breguet Tradition Replica Watches, especially the time display on the glossy black dial that is located off-center at 12 o’clock. Tradition 7027 is also available in rose gold case with rose gold main bridge, bridge and stem, or white gold case with new smoky gray movement.