KOR Factory

KOR Factory Cartier Santos has launched a new generation. With its ultra-thin watch body, one-click disassembly of the strap, and super high value, it is deeply loved by watch friends. KOR Factory AAA Replica Watches Santos has four highlights in the workmanship: First, the four lugs are polished very finely. With the mirror-polished high-gloss ring, the whole watch will be “shiny” after being worn. “The shiny effect. The second point is that the oil pressure printing of the literal Roman numerals on the inside of the disk is very clear and full, and the edges are very neat without burrs and no overflow. The three-dimensional effect is very strong. Third, the most complicated part of the watch is the head grain of the steel belt. The press-type caps without ears are used for easy loading and unloading. It seems simple, but it is very difficult to process. It is precisely because the steel belt process is more complicated that this watch is currently only made by KOR factory better. The fourth point is that the chamfering of the four sides of the steel belt is very smooth, no matter the front and back, there will be no obvious scratching feeling. And the Cartier LOGO on the front of the buckle is deeply engraved and sandblasted finely.