APS Factory

AP’s Royal Oak should finally be reformed. There was a JF factory before 15400 and a ZF factory later, all of which are 9015 movements that are used for soup instead of medicinal. Today APS Factory AAA Replica Watches all-in-one 3120 strongest “King of Steel” shells debut. Consistent with the original, the diameter is 41 mm and the thickness is 9.8 mm. It is known as the only version that can be interchanged with the original parts. All the structural positions and assembly methods of the case are the same as the original. The case and strap are finely brushed and not sharp. It is highlighted that the head of the strap is connected to the head of the watch with the same active head design as the genuine product. The switch texture of the buckle and the engraving process of each part are consistent with the genuine product. Chromatic aberration, the movement perfectly replicates the original 3120 movement, a real one-piece movement without card, no longer a 9015 plus deck.